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First of all I would like to thank you for visiting this web page. The idea behind creating these web pages is to put the information about my self, my family, relatives, etc. Also I will try to update the events happening in my life and family. You can find the details about me and my favorites under the link "About Me". You can find the photographs and details of my family members under the link "My Family". You can also find my latest photographs under the link "My Photos". Where I will put my best photographs. Find the details and photographs of the Events happened in my life under the link "My Events". At the same link find the details of the events which will happen in my near future. Find the details of memorable moments of my life under the link "My Memorable Moments". You can find the details about my job under the link "My Resume". Finally I have provided a link to contact me under the heading "Contact Me" where you can find my latest contact information.

Rahul in January 2001

I hope you will give your valuable time to surf through different web pages and send me your valuable feedback to improve this web site. I can assure replies to all your mails. "HAPPY SURFING"

Thank you,

Rahul Saraswat

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