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Germany Photographs


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The below 3 photographs are from Schwabisch Hall town located around 100 kms North East from Stuttgart. These photographs are taken between 19th June 2001 to 21st June 2001. These 3 days we had Intercultural team building program and the participants were selected members of project team at Germany and the team members from India. This program was conducted by Klaus Boll, Suraj Chettry and Annette on behalf Robert Bosch GmbH.

Schwabisch Hall

L-R (Standing): Klaus Lehre, Kailasam, Suraj Chettry, Rahul, Raghavendra, Sudhindra
L-R (Sitting): Sonja Eder, Kusuma, Vani

Schwabisch Hall

L-R: Sudhindra, Rahul, Klaus Lehre

Participants of 3 day Intercultural Team Building Program at Schwabisch Hall

Participants of 3 day Intercultural Team Building Program at Schwabisch Hall located around 100kms from Stuttgart, South Germany
L-R (Standing): Jagannath Rao, Sudhakar Kunte, Götz, Lars Ehinger, Jörg Hilsebecher, Dirk Ulbricht, Jens Lüder, Christian Swoboda, Sonja Eder, Jochen Rein, Lakshmi, Rahul, Raghavendra, Jaishankar, Klaus Lehre, Sudhindra, Klaus Boll, Andreas Höger
L-R (Sitting): Suraj Chettry, Kailasam, Axel Stamm, Kusuma, Annette, Vani

The below photographs are from Black Forest in Southern Germany. These photographs are taken on 22nd June 2001. We have been Triberg which is famous for Cuckoo Clocks. Then we moved to the artificial lake in the Black Forest. We used our project cars which are equiped with Adaptive Cruise Control systems. These cars were BMW 7 series, Renault Laguna and Audi A8. All are upper end cars.

Cuckoo Clock, Triberg

Cuckoo Clock, Triberg, Black Forest
L-R: Rahul, Vani, Raghavendra and Kailasam

Artificial Lake, Black Forest

Artificial Lake, Black Forest
L-R: Rahul, Kususma, Vani, Jörg Hisebecher and Kailasam


With the cars
L-R: Jörg, Jaishankar, Rahul, Lakshmi, Vani and Dirk

The below photographs are from Heidelberg, Germany. This place is famous for its fort, river and universities. We visited Heidelberg on 23rd June 2001. Many of our German colleagues accompanied us.

Neckar River, Heidelberg

Rahul on the bank of Neckar river in Heidelberg

Heidelberg Fort

Inside the fort.
L-R: Lehre Klaus, Lakshmi, Valeria, Rahul, Kusuma, Sudhindra, Vani, Höger, Dirk, Axel and Raghavendra

Heidelberg Fort

Rahul and Kailasam inside the fort.

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