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My Family


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My Grand Pa

Grand Pa

My Grand Pa's name is Sri Banwari Lal Saraswat. His date of birth is 30th April, 1919. He is native of Aligarh (UP). He shifted to Kanpur and then to Allahabad.

My Dad and Mom

Dad and Mom

My Dad's name is Sri Ravi Kant Saraswat. His date of birth is 8th October, 1945. He is a Mechanical Engineer and running a small business at home. My Mom's name is Srimati Manju Saraswat. Her date of birth is 12th January, 1948. She is a housewife. She belongs to Varanasi (UP). She has done her Master of Arts. My Dad and Mom got married on 6th December, 1970.

My Brother-in-law and Sister

Photo to be added

My Brother-in-law's name is Sri Rahul Saraswat (same as my name). His date of birth is 15th August, 1972. He is an Executive Engineer at Ballarpur Industries Limited. He belongs to Mathura (UP). He did his Masters of Technology in Control Systems from REC Kurukshetra in 1995. My Sis' name is Srimati Geetika Saraswat. Her date of birth is 3rd February, 1974. She is a housewife. She got married on 19th April, 1998 at Mathura (UP) and currently staying at Ballarpur (Maharastra).

My Nephew


My Nephew's name is Dev Saraswat. His date of birth is 2nd April, 1999. He is just 2+ years old and very naughty like other kids of his generation. This guy is very intelligent and grasps the things around him quickly.

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